Monday, December 22, 2008

Get Paid To Answer Surveys...

This post is a list of all the get-paid-to-answer survey sites I've joined. I haven't been paid by any of it yet but all of them looks promising because they never asked to pay for joining their site. The sites listed are available for all countries.


Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.
This is one of the first few survey sites that I joined. I heard one of my friends from myLot got payed so now I'm starting to promote it. The currency is called a "pulse." You have to be sure that you have completed your profile for you to be eligible to receive surveys. This site pays through PayPal.

I joined this site at least 3 months ago if I'm not mistaken. It looked promising because users are the one igniting the conversation and apparently the money being payed to the bloggers comes from them.
Users must complete a conversation (or a survey) and after that a code will be generated and then it must be copied and pasted to your blog. Your pay for the conversation depends upon how much it was priced by the igniter. If you get at least 1,000 impressions in your blog then you can get payed much more. Here's a sample of my latest conversation:

This the oldest survey site wherein I am a member of, since I haven't completed my profile, I haven't received any survey from them but I believe this site is open to all countries.

Nope the image is not clickable but if you want to join this promising survey site it would be appreciated if you send me your e-mail address so that I can send you an invite.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What is myLot And How Can We Earn Money From It?

What is myLot?

myLot is a program wherein a community of people around the world who are paid to post different topics under any interests. You will meet a lot of different people in the world who can help you earn money in different ways.

myLot is not just for earning money. Responding to posts and starting discussions is a lot of fun and it's so addicting. You can find yourself laughing or smiling while responding to discussion or you can also find yourself within a heated debate. Share your thoughts, feelings, sorrows, happiness or just about anything at all!

Before I tell you the tips here are a few simple questions that you might ask as soon as you join myLot:

  • How do I add interests? - Click on the interests TAB and add everything that you would like to add as your interests. The more interests you put the more discussions you could reply to.
  • How do I start discussions? - just click on new discussion at the upper left of your window.

  • What is reputation level or the star with the number next to other users? - Your reputation level or star rating is determined by other users in myLot. Whenever you make a post others will have the opportunity to rate you positive or negative. This also determines the quality of your post. Your reputation will appear as soon as you reach 100 posts.

  • Why can't I copy and paste? - You can only do copy and paste until you have reached 500 posts. This is imposed by myLot to avoid spam posting
  • Why can't I use smiley emoticons? - You will be able to post emoticons as soon as you reach 200 posts.
  • What is the number next to my username? - The number next to your name is the number of posts you've made. This does not include when you "comment" a response.

Ok now let's start with the money making tips for myLot:

  • Add new friends!- why? Because they will be the one who'll respond to your discussion most of the time. You will notice that in the HOME tab, you will see a section that says "discussions started by my friends" every time you post a new discussion it will be listed there. Please see the screen shot below. The more responses you get the more you will earn.

  • Comment everybody who responds to your discussions. Every time your discussion is commented and responded to, your discussion will be rotated at the top of the list in the HOME tab under "discussions started by my friends" thus all of your friends who are online at the moment will respond to your discussion as soon as they see it.
  • Start an interesting discussion! Make your title catchy and be sure to post your discussion under the popular interests like Life, myLot, make extra money, Philippines, questions and answers and even parenting.
  • When responding to discussions, be sure to make it concise, descriptive and most importantly helpful. Don't beat around the bush. If the discussion starter likes your response, he/she might reward you with a best response. I believe we earn money for a best response but I don't know exactly how much.
  • Invite your friends to myLot! You will earn 25% of the earnings of your friends
  • Be sure to READ THE MYLOT DO'S AND DONT'S to avoid your responses and discussions to get deleted. To name a few do's and don'ts is never post your affiliate links in discussions, be polite to everyone to avoid for your reputation level to be affected, never start games, never ask anybody to rate you positively.
  • Rate all of your respondents positively as much as possible (unless the person is unbelievably rude) and always choose a best response to encourage your friends to respond to the discussions you start.




Platinum Lounge is a get-paid to post forum. I got paid $2 after two weeks of being active in their program! If you sign up under me, I will send you at least 1,000 points. Click on the 2nd image below to see my first payment from Platinum Lounge. To know more about PL, click here.



myLot is another good place to earn online and to have fun at the same time. Find yourself in a heated debate with a fellow myLotter or share your experiences, thoughts for just about everything. Just be sure to read the myLot do's and dont's before starting to post to avoid for your post to be deleted.
I earned $14 for my first payment and I am now targeting to earn at least $10 a month which is not hard to do. How can you earn? CLICK HERE to see some tips on how you can earn with myLot

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Matrixmails - My Number 1 PTR/PTC Program

MatrixMails - Get paid

Free Member Benefits

1. Minimum payout of $2.00
2. Five Levels of referral earnings
3. Can also earn by clicking on ads everyday

Upgraded Member Benefits:
1. No minimum payout
2. Risk-free opportunity (members can refund their money if they don't earn what they paid for).
3. 6 Levels of Referral earnings
4. Matrixmails also searches for referrals for you
5. Earns from down lines who upgrades their account